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5 Best and Free Sudoku Puzzle Games for 2020

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When you start playing Sudoku, it often feels impossible to solve even the simplest puzzles. But, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to solve even the evilest challenges. So, to test your abilities and for the sheer love of Sudoku, here are five best and free Sudoku puzzle games that you can conveniently download and play on your smartphone or tablet. In the end, we’ll also tell you our favorite pick!

  1. Sudoku.com by Easybrain

Anything Easybrain makes is guaranteed to be a hit. These free Sudoku puzzle games are quite compelling. To begin with, this Sudoku app by Easybrain is an excellent application to train your brain. It comes along all the features you’d expect in a top-notch Sudoku mobile app – colored themes, 10,000+ varieties, daily challenges, four different difficulty levels, and an intuitive design. You can also enable auto-check to detect errors instantly, take note of your mistakes or any other thoughts, and cancel a move with unlimited undo moves. The game is available on both Android as well as Apple smartphones and tablets. When you start playing its daily challenges, you won’t be looking back at a paper puzzle ever again. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of the game and even tackle those expert-level evil challenges without any difficulty. 

  1. Sudoku Quest by Hashcube Software Private Limited

Consisting of more than a thousand puzzles, it is a paradise for the die-hard fans. Keeping them engrossed, it features color-coded numbers, has 4×4 grids for beginners, and goes up to 12×12 grid for more advanced players. It has a friendly user-interface, offers tips and hints for moving forward and has a lot more to explore. 

  1. Sudoku by Pink Pointer

The most incredible thing about this game is that it has unlimited moves to fill any number across all its levels. You can time your game to keep a track and work on your timeliness. The interface is clean without any visual clutter to distract you while playing the puzzle. 

  1. Sudoku Killer by Sarah Pierce

It comes with over 3000 puzzles (on purchase) and several free ones to keep you going. The interface is intuitive, the gameplay is convenient, and the levels will surely make you scratch your head. This game is more suitable for expert players, as it’s quite challenging. The features include note tool, re-do buttons, highlighting, auto-save, and more. 

  1. Sudoku Free by Banana & Co.

This game is popular in the apple store. It has a very aesthetic design and is a mix of sophistication with simplicity. Very much like other mobile apps, this one too comes with four different levels to keep you interested. The gameplay is quite diverse, so you might keep playing it for hours. It’s excellent for both beginners and expert players, having several helpful features that provide you with a fully personalized experience.

There you have it! These are our top picks, and Sudoku by Easybrain is our absolute favorite. The free Sudoku puzzle games by Easybrain are exciting and addictive, designed for both beginners and the pros. It has a lot of impressive features, and the more you play it, the better you get at it! 


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