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Lacking the Purpose in Life- What to Do?

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Having a purpose in life is as important as having food on your plate and clothes on your body. Purpose drives you in the direction of your dreams. If you are lacking purpose in your life that means you are lacking behind on your dreams too.

Purpose brings a sense of usefulness, fulfillment, and contentment in life. It enhances inner peace and makes you a person of great self-worth and appreciation. A life without purpose becomes difficult and unfulfilling just like a kite without a string.

Therefore it is really important that you devote a good quality of time in finding your purpose in life. Let us help you in following a few steps towards that direction:

  1. Find out what you like to do:

It may be an easy question for some while difficult for others. You need to figure out what you love to do. It is easier to convert your hobbies into your passion and your passion for your purpose. Therefore, just try to figure out the things of your interest. Do not stress, just notice your own behavior or maybe seek help from anyone who is closer to you such as your mother, father, sibling, spouse, roommate, etc.

  • What do you like to share the most?

Many people are good at singing. Some of them prefer to bring forth their talent to the world while others are hesitant to showcase their singing talent to the world and limit themselves as bathroom singers. You need to find out what comes to you easily. Do not think of the path ahead before thinking of the path within. If you really love to sing, just pursue it. If you feel hesitant of singing in front of people, join some classes, gain confidence and then come upfront with blooming talent. Similarly, there can be various things that each one of us excels at! Just try to find out what you are ready to share with the world.

  • What kind of life do you want?

There are people who want to spend their life traveling around the world while there are others who just want to have a happy homely life with moments of joy and happiness coming together. In your case, if you are seeking a purpose, first imagine the kind of life you want. For example, if you aim to be a school/college principal- you cannot live like a film star. You might be earning well in both the perspectives however, the lifestyle will vary. You can work in a corporate and come back home to spend time with family. At the same time, you can own a business and be 24 hours ready to devote your time to it. So just figure out and stick to the kind of lifestyle you want through the rest of your life. Then it will be easy in finding your purpose.


Once you will have a clear idea of what you want to be, finding your purpose will not be a difficult task then. You will start getting up everyday knowing what you want to achieve until the end of the day. It is not less than an achievement in life to have a purpose. Success and failure are just a part of it, having a purpose is more important to lead a life of contentment.

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