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The Online Betting Options and More Excitements Now

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Since February 2019 the bonus Zebet has changed form, even if its amount remains 150 euros. On the other hand it is a double bonus. The first part of 100 euros, now looks like bonuses present at other bookmakers. This is actually a first bet paid back if he is a loser, up to 100 euros. This is what comes with the 먹튀 sites now.

The Unfortunate Options

Unfortunately this amount is not paid in cash, so it will be necessary to replay the amount of the bonus in order to cash it. Worse this is a bonus paid in free Paris. But the special thing is that you will not be able to recover your bet. You will only cash the benefit of your free bet (if it is a winner).

The remaining 50 euros of the bonus will be paid according to the bets you make. In fact you can only benefit from part of these 50 euros. We explain all this in more detail, in the paragraph devoted to the operation of the bonus Zebet.

Even if the Zebet welcome bonus is not 100% sure, it is still interesting for you to benefit from it.

This is enough to convince the most refractory and do good to your wallet. The site also offers many types of online betting. And as we saw above the level of the ratings has greatly improved and now quite correct.

  • Welcome bonus
  • bookmaker zebet reviews
  • Bonus amount: 150 €

Bonus type: Double bonus

  • if he is the loser 1st bet refunded free bet up to 100 euros.
  • 10% of the losing bets reimbursed (maximum 50 euros)

Condition to withdraw the bonus: Bet 1 times the amount of the free bet.

only profits from these free bets are withdrawable.

Compare this bonus with other bookmakers

  • Operation and opinion on the Zebet bonus
  • Previously the bonus Zebet had an original operation, since it consisted of 5 stages. The first 3 were relatively simple to reach and allowed to start without taking too much risk.
  • Today the bonus Zebet follows a more traditional operation since it is a bonus first bet refunded within the limit of 100 euros.
  • If your first bet is lost, you are reimbursed 100% up to a maximum of 100 euros. Attention this bonus is not paid in cash but in free bet. You will have to replay it in order to cash it.

This bonus of 100 euros, is paid to you as follows:

  • 50% following the first losing bet
  • 50% after activating the account

But you will tell me, the bonus normally is 150 euros not 100 euros. Well yes it’s normal it’s a double bonus because there is a bonus of 50 euros that happens.

The 50 euros “prolongation pack”

Regarding the 50 euros part, it is a refund of your losing bets. Attention, in reality only 10% of your bets will be refunded. It’s better than nothing, but you should know that it’s not all.

These 50 euros, which Zebet calls “Pack extension” break down as follows.

  • During the first 30 days following the validation of your account. You will recover 10% of your losing bets. During this period you can recover a maximum of 25 euros free bet bonus.

Take an example if during these 30 days, you lose for 100 euros of bets, Zebet will pay you a bonus of 10 euros.


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