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3 Movies That Blow Your Mind

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If you are a Telugu movie lover, then you are in the right place as I have a list of awesome movies you would like to watch here. Allow me to let you in on the three Telugu flicks jam-packed with enough entertain for you, your friends and family. These movies will have you on the edges of your seat due to the intense drama, unexpected twists and turns, and the intrigues that will keep you glued to your screen.

You will be awed by the quality production and fantastic story-lines with these movies. The directors and actors did not let anything to chance for a mind-blowing movie watching experience. This is a known characteristic of Telugu movies, which tells why fans are always holding their breaths each time they watch here.

You will patently get entertained to the fullest as the action and conversation levels are off the hook. Do not forget to recommend them to your friends and family to get you that “Film connoisseur” tag after this. This article features an Action Thriller Varsham, Sports and Romance movie Okkadu, and Thriller drama KshanaKshannam. These are a must-like to watch movies. Let’s have a preview of your encounter in these movies, shall we?

  1. Varshnam

Varsham revolves around a young beautiful lady Shailaja, played by Trisha, who comes from a middle-class family. Her dad is RangaRao, played by Prakash Rao.

Shailaja meets a young jobless man named Venkant on a train, and they fall in love. Shailaja’s beauty also attracts the attention of a ruthless businessman Bradhranna. Bradhranna manages to convince Rango to surrender Shailaja to him for marriage. At the same time, a film producer sees an acting potential in Shailaja and convinces Ranga to let her act in a movie. The ever cunning Rao has other plans to benefit from this. Watch to see what turns out.

  1. Okkadu

Okkadu follows Ajay Varma, a young Kabbadi player. Ajay lives in Hyderabad. Ajay saves a lady named Swapna from Obul Reddy, a gang leader. Obul is in love with Swapna and intends to marry her despite Swapna rejecting his advances. This triggers a series of events that leads to a great enmity between Ajay and Obul. These two gentlemen get into a tussle to win Swapna hand in marriage before she lives to the United States to further her education. Ajay and Swapna run away and go to his house. Ajay’s parents soon find out, and they escape again.

  1. KshanaKshannam

The story follows a Robber Narayana and his partners who break into a bank and steals 1 million Rupees. During the robbery, a shoot-out ensues between them and the police. Narayan betrays his boss and escapes with the money. Nayar and his gang manage to track Narayan and kidnap him. Narayan is tortured intensely, and due to pain, he reveals where the envelope is. However, he also tells his brother. A girl named Satya finds the envelope first. She meets one of Nayar’s men as she heads home. She stabs him as she gets away. The police now want her.

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