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6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Rhino Hobby Filter

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If you are a hobby grower and are looking for the best filters to use, then a Rhino Hobby Filter should be your first option. With a longer lifespan and advanced technology, here are six reasons why this option is a win for you.

Nine to 12 Months Lifespan

The Rhino Hobby carbon filters have fully reversible necks, which allows one to extend their lifespan by flipping them after the first nine months of use. This will extend their use for another six months. If the humidity is a bit higher than usual, you will at least be able to go for six months then you can monitor the situation in your grow area to see if you need a new air filter.

Enhanced Airflow

Rhino Hobby filters have a vortex cone within the filter. Combined with the shell’s mesh structure, the airflow is efficient, allowing the carbon filter to trap any possible odour molecule. This leaves your grow room smelling fresh and accommodative.

A Short Contact Time

A Rhino Hobby-Filter traps odour molecules within the first 100 milliseconds of contact. If you do your math correctly, this time is as quick as a blink of your eye. This means no room for escape is given to the odour molecules, making the filter quite useful.

Effective Large Pores

The filters are made with RC412, which is an Australian mined carbon known to be the best in the world. The RC412 carbon burns at an extremely high temperature creating bigger pores as compared to ordinary carbon. The big pores allow for the scrubbing of air for large particles, enabling the filters to last up to 2 years with no evidence of clogging.

Granulated Instead of Pelletised

With Rhino Hobby filters, the air is taken through carbon granules making the air to interact with carbon to give room for maximum absorption. With a 50% more performing surface area as compared to pelletised carbon, granulated carbon has a lower ash rate enabling it to trap unwanted molecules.

Light Yet with More Carbon

Rhino filters’ exteriors are made from aluminium. The aluminium makes them very light and easy to fit where they need to be. However, do not mistake light for less carbon as the filters are packed using machines, creating room for more carbon with less movement. The two properties make the filters flexible and efficient all at the same time.


Rhino filters can be obtained from a hydroponics supplier, such as www.greenspirit-hydroponics.com. They are the most favourite filters for hobby growers in the UK and are available in four to ten inches’ options. The bigger the grow area, the bigger the filter you will need. Also, humid and temperature conditions will determine the best size to go for.

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