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A Few Steps to a Best First Date

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There are several steps by which one can be the best in his or her first date. Naturally, it isn’t easy for some people. Some people tend to present themselves in a unique way quite different from their normal way when meeting someone new, while some go with their true selves. We will look at several ways here by which one can build confidence and know what he or she wants to offer to the partner.  

Leaving Out The Old Ways

During the past, you might have had the opportunity to go through your partner’s assets. You must have known the person very well even before you two started dating. If you chose to always keep in touch with each other, you could have had time to explore feelings and have a thought on your plans. You might either decide to move ahead with the relationship, or you find a chance to end everything. In recent times, it is not possible because you may end up not having time for all that. To that effect, you may have little or no time to decide to rather continue with the relationship or probably put an end to everything. No matter how you are feeling at any time, you should always be open, real and free-minded whenever you meet someone. 


Your experiences in the past have built who you are now. Before you can vividly know the positive and negative aspects of a stranger, you need to know what you want and what you are willing to offer. You can begin by viewing yourself from another perspective. Observe yourself well enough. You might start with getting to know yourself from your friends, asking them to honestly tell you about yourself and what they think you offer in a relationship. Explore yourself both emotionally and mentally. Throw questions at yourself about what gives you joy and sorrows. 

Let Go Of Defensive Acts

From your past relationships, you must have had a lot of idea on who to trust, how to and when to trust. All these predictions of the different ways on how others might act now become your physical, and emotional barriers which screen for incoming harm or safety. These can re-emerge when you experience situations which can trigger them. In a situation whereby you don’t recognize any of them, you may make yourself repeat past actions that make you see things differently. 

Experience From The Past That Has Affected You 

Most people have come across functional people and otherwise throughout their lifetime. No one has ever escaped without hurting interactions or does not have the scar of something they ever caused. Even though the good experiences must have aided in forgetting those that brought about the damage, the impact which they left would still be there. The unconscious triggers that impacts the most are those that are from unresolved traumas. They are the drivers of your behaviors, anxieties, and resistance. These traumas can be from a long-life erosion of uncertainty or single events whereas a trauma retriggered may suddenly make one inflexible or self-protective.


This plays a very big role in choosing who you want to be your partner. For example, you are the type that had dramatic parents. You made a vow never to have a relationship with anybody like that or even similar to that, so you pick people who are different from that. Then later, you find yourself not being comfortable as you felt or thought it would be. So all you need is to examine your former relationship closely, look for things whereby you are both attracted to, asking yourself if the current partner is replacing someone from the past. 

Ethics And Values 

You should have an idea of your deepest thoughts and feelings on what you think is the appropriate way to feel and think. Some thoughts and beliefs can sometimes be shared by friends and won’t have to present a quarrel in those relationships, but others might not buy the idea. Some of the religious, social and political biases might be established that you would not have an idea of how you feel them or why they are so vital. Some must have been wanted at some points in your life but are no more significant, but yet you live by them.

Any belief which you learnt from people and you wouldn’t like to exhibit it in your daily life, never hold on to it. You need to question yourself on what your prejudice is and where they originated from. You might start with questions of how you want to be treated by your partner or how someone of good quality should conduct himself or basically when you are scared of expressing what you think is right and what you think is wrong. 

Putting Everything Together 

You are in a world that offers you little information on the different people you meet. To make quick and correct decisions, your reasons for being your needs to be clear. Once you’ve carried out that task, you can now unveil them to a stranger confidently and honestly. 

Using these above skills, your encounters at first might seem odd and scary, and your prospective dates might not be interested, but as long as you keep being you, you will notice that people will positively respond to you and also respect the confidence and courage which you exhibit.  

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