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Choose the Best Quality Coffee Table Look Your Drawing Room Beautiful

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Coffee Table is not just a piece of furniture. It speaks about the stature of your living style. Not only that the right coffee table improves the aesthetic appearance of your living place. Also, the coffee table doesn’t mean to keep the coffee only; in today’s lifestyle, it is more than that.

One can put from remote control to a water bottle to some notes or diary as well the newspaper. Depending upon the use, there are many types of coffee tables available. Choose wisely so that they fulfil all your purpose.

Think before buying the right coffee table

  • Needs

What is your need to buy a coffee table? Different people use it differently as per their habit or convenience. The purpose of the use is defining the size, height, and material.

  • Size-

It depends upon the use of the table, space in your room, and where you want to fit it. One more important criterion for deciding the size of the coffee table is the size of the sofa. Too little table look awkward in front of the big size sofa. The clear gap between the sofa and the table should also be maintained.

  • Shape

The shape depends not only on the sofa, but it should be chosen based on the configuration of all other furniture in the room as well as the design on the carpet. The rectangular shape table goes best with the square sofa and rectangular or round design on the carpet. In any case, the oval-shaped coffee table is an all-time favourite. If you wish to sit alone or maximum within the corner of the room, then a round shape table is the best fit in this case.

  • Height-

The height of the coffee table should be such that the top of the table is just below the cushion of the sofa. It makes you comfortable in using while resting on the sofa.

  • Colour-

Colour of the coffee table should be chosen as per the overall theme of your drawing or living room as it helps in beautification of the room. At least, it should match the colour of the sofa placed in the room.

  • Material-

Choose the material as per other furniture in the house, especially the material of the sofa. You should not use a metal table with a sofa of wooden material. Glass made the top of the table can go with any combination of the sofa.

Types of the coffee table you can buy

It mainly depends upon the usage of the table.

  • Coffee table with drawer

It comes with open or closed drawers or the combination of both. The drawers are simply a marvellous addition to the coffee table as you can also utilize the drawers for other purposes as well. How about keeping some sturdy spoons and forks inside the drawers? Yes, perfect for sure every time you don’t have to get to the kitchen to bring them in case you forget to add sugar or anything.

  • Lift top coffee table

If you want some hidden storage in your table which you want to use for some other purposes but also don’t want to show it to anyone else, then this coffee table is the best option you have in your hand.

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