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Choosing Herbal Options As per the Requirement

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Many are tempted to take care of the little pains of everyday life by plants, perceived as more natural. Whether in the form of herbal teas, essential oils or capsules, all are not effective and some are not devoid of adverse effects. With the iHerb USA free shipping you can have the smartest deals now.


Herbal medicine is a word of Greek origin that refers to the art of healing by plants. The medicinal use of plants is lost in the origin of time: the first men chewed them to treat their ills, just as wild monkeys do today. In China, India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, the first known texts of the medicine by plants are distributed between 3000 and 1500 years before our era.

A Sumerian tablet, discovered in Mesopotamia and dating from the 3rd millennium BC, offers 15 prescriptions: myrrh, thyme and willow are mixed with beer or wine … The mandrake, the opium extracted from the poppy and the willow are prominently featured on Ebers Papyrus, a treatise on Egyptian medicine dating back to 1600 BC. 

  • A medicine that has been perpetuated and enriched over time with the contributions of the Greeks and Romans, from Hippocrates to Galen, through Pliny the Elder. 

Dioscoride in the 1st century AD lists 600 plants for medicinal use: a book that will refer for 1500 years. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it is the clergymen who take over and cultivate the “simple” in the monasteries. The discovery of America will discover new plants, such as cinchona.

Even today, herbal medicine remains the main recourse in many developing countries. In France, many medicines are derived from plants, and herbal medicine has long been neglected, considered a remedy of “good woman”. In recent years, she returns to the front of the stage.


Considered as safe because natural, phytotherapycannot be improvised. Plants are neither placebos nor perlimpinpin powder: they can also interact with other treatments. In Europe, there are more than 1000 plants used for medicinal use, but the French pharmacopoeia lists about 400 plants, of which 200 have therapeutic indications framed and 148 escape the monopoly of the pharmacist. All plants that are toxic or so-called have been eliminated. About sixty Chinese plants and forty-five from overseas departments are now registered in the pharmacopoeia. With the iHerb deals and discounts you can have the best deals now.

This list can help apprentice herbalists to separate the wheat from the chaff in a plethoric supply. “With the concept of beneficent nature, we see the emergence of exotic plants from foreign traditions that, used without recoil, in non-traditional conditions, can have unpleasant surprises.

Last Words

But knowing the name of a plant is not always enough: its different parts can have different therapeutic properties. This is the case of the elder whose flower is diuretic and the fruit has activity against colds. In nettle, the aerial part calms the rheumatic pains and the root relieves the problems of urination related to the benign prostatic hypertrophy. Another example, the lime blossom is known for its anxiolytic properties while the sapwood of linden will rather have a depurative action.

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