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Design Trends that are Hot

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Is your living room looking tired? Is your kitchen dreary and dull? Does your bedroom send you to sleep (but not in a good way)? If so, it could be time to take a fresh look at your décor or even invest in some new furniture to bring your home more up to date.

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But how do you choose which styles to go for? What are the hot trends burning holes through the interior design industry’s magazines this year?


The latest trends include replacing shiny or white appliances with sleek black, stainless steel ones. These look both modern and timeless, adding interest to any kitchen.

Design gurus also suggest mixing it up a little, by installing mismatched kitchen cabinets – change that boring plain kitchen for a bolder, more textured look. Specially-made, bespoke furniture will help you achieve the look you desire.

According to design experts Houzz, you should keep upper cabinets neutral and put different textures and colours on lower cabinets, adding interest and contrast. Also try mixing materials, such as wood and tiles.

Living Rooms

According to those in the know, the trend this year is for making living rooms tech-free by unplugging those gadgets and engendering a calmer, more relaxed environment.

Part of this process is the return of the fireplace as the focal point for a living room – even a fake, non-working one will help add a traditional touch. Try hiding or even removing the television and arranging the furniture around the fireplace instead, to create an air of comfort.

For those all-important accessories, matt finishes are this year’s metallics. Chalky, low shine looks on anything from lamp shades to walls look great paired with the metal accessories you have bought.  If you are struggling to get them to stay up then grab some metal bonding adhesives from weblinks like https://www.ct1.com/product-applications/metal-to-metal-adhesive/ Contrasting with the modern feel of matt, florals are also on-trend, as are playful rainbow colours. Furniture with bold stripes is one way to achieve this look, especially with a statement piece such as a bookshelf or desk.


Statement mirrors are the main change for bathrooms this year, and you may be surprised by the return of the bidet.
However you choose to refresh your home, the undoubted message from this year’s interior experts is ‘be bold’.

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