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Hottest Layered Bob Haircuts for You

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If you have been looking for the fresh and sophisticated layered bob hairstyles to rock your looks, your search ends here. These haircuts in this list are specifically for you. The bobs are gorgeous and timeless.

With varying lengths and many styles available, you can be sure that there is one bob that will flatter every face shape. And opposite to what many women think, layering for the bob is designed to reduce volume. It enhances the movement of your hair. Learn more about layered bob.

  1. Gorgeously Feathered Bob.

Highlight your beautifully blonde bob with cute feathered layers that brings an illusion of volume and texture.

Including some side, bangs are also a great way to finish this look and highlight your face wonderfully.

  1. Short Bob and Long Layers.

This is a shoulder length layered bob haircut with reddish accents for depth. It incorporates many layers and volume with a subtle fringe.

It is an easy haircut to style. It is also a low maintenance hairstyle. The understated fringe frames your face while the medium length makes your neck appear longer.

  1. Stacked Bob With Layers.

This is a professional and fun look. Everything about this haircut is lovable-the asymmetrical side, tapered back, and the stacked side and the purple hue. The style is also business friendly.

The style is ideal for women with curly or thick hair. Also, you need to know that this haircut doesn’t rock any face shape, so do your research what face shape works better for this style.

  1. Stacked Bob and Cute Bangs.

This haircut is straightforward yet sophisticated and chic. The movement and texture are included for more detailed work. The style looks great on any hair texture and rocks most face shapes. However, it looks specifically beautiful with square or round face shape.

However, ensure that the front layers are an inch longer than the rest of hair. So if you were searching for a stylish and chic style, this is the best solution.

  1. Correctly Layered Medium Bob.

This is a cute layered bob. The hairstyle is quite versatile. It is elongated enough to style into a ponytail and also short enough to reach your shoulders at the back and give you an extreme angle.

The process of curling this hair is simple compared to most bob haircuts since there is sufficient length at the back to roll on the curling iron.

This haircut looks great on most face shapes, and you can customise it fit most lifestyles. It also complements almost all outfits.

  1. Short A-Line Bob.

Though an A-line bob is challenging to style, it is also enjoyable. The A-line incorporates another depth to the haircut. It rocks all hair types, and face shapes.

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