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Innovated Street Foods and Updated German Cuisine Can Spoil you in Berlin

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Germany’s capital, Berlin, is the second populous city in Europe. It is also a famous tourist destination. Berlin cuisine is a mixture of many cultures. It has the history of immigrants entering the city. Therefore, these immigrants also brought their gastronomic customs to the city. Turkish, Arab, Chinese, Thai, Indian Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Korean and Vietnamese are some cultures that are found in various corners of the street.

By booking Food Tours Berlin you’ll get a chance to explore German food and drinks. There is no limit to food and you can try anything, but while purchasing alcohol you need to show valid ID that proves you are above 18 years of age.

Here is the list of some food and beverages that you may enjoy –

  • Apfelstrudel is a dessert in which thin pastry is stuffed with apple tart, sugar, cinnamon, bread crumbs and raisins. It blends perfectly with vanilla ice-cream.
  • Currywurst is a popular dish in Berlin in which boiled sausages are fried and then dipped in curry that is made from ketchup as well as curry powder.
  • Eisbein is pickled ham hock that is either grilled or boiled and is offered with mustard, sauerkraut and boiled potatoes.
  • Pretzels are quite famous among Germans as it is sweet to taste and is made of dough that is given a folded shape.
  • Wiener Schnitzel is thin veal that is dipped in egg wash and then coated with flour and bread crumbs to later fry. They are served with potatoes, ketchup or cheese.
  • Kartoffelpuffer are potato pancakes that are shallow fried and are offered with plum compote or apple sauce. Main dish along with this is sour cream, smoked salmon and liverwurst.
  • Berliner Weibe mit Schuss is a traditional drink that is a combination of wheat beer, green waldmeister or red raspberry syrup.
  • Senfeier is basically boiled eggs served in mustard sauce and potatoes.
  • Doner kebabs are made either from lamb, chicken or vegetables. It is a Turkish dish which is given touch of German flavor.
  • Pfannkuchen are American pancakes but they are thinner and light snack.
  • Konigsberger Klopse are meatballs made from veal, pork or beef and then they are dipped in lemon gravy and creamy white wine.
  • Finally, when it is about alcohol, then beer is the first thing that comes to the mind of all locals.

Travelling to Berlin can be fun because you get to experience different traditions and culture. Once you explore different corners of the street, you get to know the old times of the city.

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