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The Choice of Swiss Watches for Women

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It is often said that the best accessory a man can wear is a luxury Swiss watch. But this statement also applies to women. Swiss watchmakers currently offer several models which are especially manufactured for ladies. Now, the question is how to choose the perfect Swiss watch for you? This guide will certainly help you make the best choice.

The Type and Style of the Swiss Watch

The first step is to choose the type of the mechanism: quartz or mechanical. There are also hybrids models and derivatives of those two main types. Some watches are charged automatically when worn on your wrist, or by a mechanical or solar mechanism that charges a spare battery. All mechanical timepieces must be rotated periodically using the dedicated wheel located on the side of the case, and the quartz must be powered by a battery. But most of the time, Swiss watches for women deploys automatic movement like it is the case of the models you will find on louischevrolet.com.

The Used Material for the Swiss Watch

The traditional gold jewelry watch has always been in demand. Although, golden accessories have obtained various shades like classic yellow gold, pink gold, platinum, etc. Stainless steel is widely used by Swiss watchmakers but mainly it gives a masculine and solid look to the watch. On the other hand, ceramics are also used in modern designs of the women’s wristwatches. It is more practical to wear, does not scratch and gives a refined and stunning look to accessory.

The Strap of the Swiss Watch

Different types of strap are available for women’s Swiss watches. Those with bracelets acquire the elegant and formal look of a luxury watch. Leather straps are trendy and incredibly elegant. Their different colors allow to choose one that corresponds to the dial or to have completely exotic touch. Finally, rubber straps are durable and very easy to clean. Usually used in men’s watches, rubber bracelets are now found on feminine models.

The Design of the Luxury Wristwatch

Besides the way you think of matching the Swiss watch with your style, it is important to choose a model that meet your taste and personality. The dimensions of the dial are the first things you will notice. Its shape can be round, square or even oval. It all depends on your preference. Often, women’s luxury watches have a smaller dial, but lately, more and more brands are offering more “masculine” models that can show the shape of your wrist.


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