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Transform Your Body; Transform Your Life

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I believe that our minds can be a massive hindrance if we let them. Moreover, I think that our external circumstances play little if any role in determining our life standing. And as much as you might not want to say, deep down in your heart, you know this to be true. You can pretend otherwise, but you know the excuses you give are just that, excuses that only deter you from taking action.opy

Unearthing the truth is really simple. Think of the most significant doubt, fear, or obstacle you face. 

After that, think of someone who faced the faced doubts, fear, and obstacles and then overcame the obstacles. What about that individual who faced and overcame an obstacle twice as big as yours.

History and littered with people who faced the same obstacles or even more bigger ones, but still succeeded. This is a fact that you cannot dispute.

As such, it is not so much that the external obstacles hinder you, but what lies inside you and me that matters. To this end, you need to feel, taste, touch, and, importantly, appreciate that we have the power to change your life.

#1. Your Body

Based on my personal experience as well as recommendations from numerous successful individuals, your success starts with your body. 

You have control over your body. Importantly, you understand the innate ability to control your body. When you decide to raise your hand, you are sure that you will raise your hand, and, indeed, you do. For the most part, the connection between your body decisions and the implementation is instantaneous. While you cannot say whether it is impossible to come up with something more controllable than your body, it is mighty difficult.

Do you have the body of an athlete?

Yes? Well, what I have to say might not apply to you. You need to find another solution.

No? Then you are a prime candidate to improve.

#2. Start Small

The goal is to make the first steps, albeit they might be baby steps. You want to accrue some confidence. It is not necessarily about making a magnificent transformation.

Get. Up. And. Do. Something.

Appreciate that you have full control over one particular entity in the entire universe – you as a person.

Whether you are morbidly obese or merely overweight, do not plan to run a marathon next week. Instead, plan to walk around the block.

Do you have a high cholesterol level? Do not make radical changes to your diet. Instead, choose one unhealthy food you want to stop eating and replace it with vegetables and or fruits. For instance, when you want to eat pizza, eat a carrot or an apple instead.

#3. Be Consistent

You need not start doing many different things.

Moreover, your actions do need to scientifically proven, smart or even exceptionally effective, at least in the grand scheme of things. However, your efforts should be consistent.

Doing pushups will eventually help you lose weight. In the same light, you can hammer a nail using nothing but your hands. However, it is more effective to focus on the small, simple things and being consistent. As such, focus on your diet and be consistent. 

#4. I’m Not Alone

You need to know that you are not dealing with weight issues alone. Many people are facing the same problems you face. In Darren Hardy’s book, The Compound Effect, he gives an example of an obese woman whose ultimate goal to run a half-marathon. The first milestone was to walk around the block. After 2 weeks of training, she could walk around the block 3 times. 

Thereafter, she increased the intensity of her training. After 7 weeks, she could job 1 mile. She gradually increased the distance she jogged, and in 9 months, she was running 13.5 miles. 

The moral of the story is to start doing something. At the same time, never give up. Just tune your transformational training methods, but never let your thought of giving up cross your mind. 

#5. Try

There is something you can start your journey with. You know it, but you just choose to procrastinate.

Other times, you think that your past determines your future. For instance, you might have tried quitting smoking, but you failed on several occasions. You might have even lasted 6 months without smoking, only for you to fall back to your addiction. Is there any need to try and stop smoking? After all, hasn’t your past experiences proved that you will fail?

The counter to this is, why not try until you get it right. If you have experienced failures in your efforts to stop smoking, you cannot make things any worse by trying to quit smoking one more time. 

Borrow a leaf from Thomas Edison. Try 999 time, fail, and then find a method that works for you.

#6. Start Doing Something

Indifference and passiveness are not solutions. Insanity, as best described, is doing the same thing twice while expecting different results. You need to do something different. The Late Jim Rohn once said, you will not change the destination of our life in one day. However, you can change the direction of your life in one moment. That moment you decide.

Once you set yourself in the right direction, you set yourself to on the path to that will get you closer and closer to your goal. The speed notwithstanding, you will steadily get closer to where you want your life to go.

#7. Transforming Your Body Is Transforming Your Life

Whether you acknowledge it or not, humans are spiritual beings. A bond between our minds, body, and spirit exists and influences us many times. Take advantage of this bond. Take care of your body, and experience positive change in your life.


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