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When to Stop Using Baby Monitors?

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You may prefer to use a baby monitor to watch your baby activities. But, you cannot do it forever because someday you have to stop monitoring your baby. Monitoring your baby can make you feel calm because you know your baby’s condition. Baby monitoring is the best way to keep your baby safe. Talking about baby monitoring, when do you need to stop using a baby monitor? Here are a few reasons (suggested by BabyMonitorsRev) why you may stop using baby monitoring.

Watching your baby is so addicting

Baby monitoring can really help you monitor your baby and keep him or her safe. When you use it for the first time, watching your baby through a monitor is so calming and fun. However, after a few months, you may be feeling addictive where you always want to check your baby. Sometimes, this condition really disturbs you, especially when you are working. You always want to check your mobile phone to watch your baby. When this happens to you, you may need to stop using a baby monitor.

Baby monitor leads you to sleep problems and anxiety

After a few months using a baby monitor, you will be feeling obsessed and addictive when you hear a sound coming from the monitoring system. You always want to check it despite nothing happens. As time goes on, your anxiety gets intense and even worse that makes you have bad sleep. As a result, it only can make you feel tired and depressed. So, there is no choice except you stop using the baby monitor, so there is no way to monitor your baby anymore.

You sleep with your baby or the room is close to each other

A baby monitoring can be necessary if your baby’s bedroom is not close to your bedroom. You can watch it through a monitor and take immediate action when something happens to your baby. But, you do not need a baby monitor anymore if only your baby is sleeping with you or if the baby’s bedroom is near the parents’ bedroom. If you still have the monitoring system, you may just turn it off or deactivate it.

Noises are no longer big deals

Sometimes, your baby may be noisy while sleeping, but it is actually a normal condition. He or she may make a sound when snorting, breathing, coughing, sneezing, and etc. You only want to focus on the baby’s crying. When you use a baby monitoring, you always worry about the noise that your baby makes until you rush to get inside the room and just make him or her wake up. So, you may need to stop using a baby monitor because you do not have to worry about it anymore. Sometimes, your baby is just dreaming and it is not a big deal.

In summary, those are some reasons why you may stop using a baby monitoring system. You do not have to watch your baby for 24 hours. When there is no threat at all, you may deactivate the monitoring system because it may make you addictive. Somehow, you may just install a CCTV camera in your living room to avoid theft.


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