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Why CBD Joints Remain So Popular – and Effective

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CBD products are currently experiencing huge growth in both legalized states and states that have made an exception for CBD-only treatments. Oils, butters, treats, and eats featuring CBD have experienced a renaissance of sorts – except with new applications in pain relief, treatment for specific conditions, and much more.

The Lowell Farms Cannabis Café has plenty of experience with these ingredients: The first café of its kind in the United States, Lowell Café in West Hollywood has taken advantage of the latest cannabis laws in California to offer delicious cannabis-infused food creations from the mind of master chef Andrea Drummer, all sourced from Lowell Farm’s own pesticide-free, organic marijuana farms.

But in addition to all the fantastic food creations that can supply CBD and CBD hybrid products for a wide variety of effects, we still see many people turning toward old-fashioned CBD joints. These remain an incredibly popular option of using CBD for many different treatments, whether people prefer to buy CBD smokes or flower to create their own joints.

With all the other options on the market, what makes CBD joints so popular among users? Here are a few reasons you may want to keep them in mind.

Tailoring a High to Specific Needs

CBD flower can come in a variety of strengths. Hybrid versions often come with a combination of THC and CBD (the two cannabinoids are thought to moderate each other’s effects when they reach the brain) that can provide different experiences. CBD-only flower doesn’t cause psychoactive effects the way THC does. CBD combined with THC is famous for producing more mellow highs focused on pain relief.

CBD joints give people the ability to choose a strain or combine cannabis strains to produce the effects they want, whether that’s purely pain relief or something more. This versatility helps make CBD joints a popular option for experienced users.

Instant Application

CBD oils and edibles can take time to prepare, consume, and wait to work. Low quality CBD products from disreputable sources may not work at all! But CBD joints containing flower are both guaranteed to work, and guaranteed to work immediately. For those suffering from pain that comes and goes or those who may need CBD to help do their jobs, joints may be the best option. It’s easy to light a joint, use it briefly, and store it again in less than a minute – providing instant relief with a timeframe that can accommodate pretty much anyone.

Pre-Rolled Joints Are Particularly Easy to Use

At Lowell Farms we offer a variety of CBD products, including pre-rolled joints. Pre-rolled options have become a particularly popular purchase in legal states: They take the work out of preparing cannabis flower while still providing all the benefits at an affordable price.

They May Help You Quite Smoking

Research has indicated that CBD vaping is helping people stop smoking. CBD joints may offer similar advantages: They may help treat cigarette cravings and they can replace smoking “cues” so people can ease into quitting tobacco and getting rid of their old habits more smoothly. CBD hasn’t shown any of the addictive qualities that nicotine possesses, making it an interesting alternative to the patches and gums sold in the medical industry. There are even additional studies involving rats that show CBD may be helpful in the future for treating meth, heroin, and cocaine addictions!

Packaging and Transportation is Easy

Some CBD products are difficult to transport or store. Edibles are affected by temperatures (they can sometimes melt) and may have a limited shelf life. Oils require glass containers, droppers, and other components that need to be stored carefully and cleaned. CBD joints, on the other hand, are lightweight, easy to carry, durable, and less affected by their environment.

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