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Why Choose High Density Polyethylene Foam Packaging for your Industry?

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It is already known that polyethylene foam is one of the best packaging solutions for manufacturing industries. This synthetic material is robust, waterproof, recyclable and affordable compared to other industrial packaging solutions. It also withstand temperature changes and shocks. PE foam is available in different densities but today, we are going to talk about high density polyethylene foam and its benefits for industries.

What are the Specificities of High Density Polyethylene Foam?

As its name suggests, high density polyethylene foam is the densest polyethylene foam of the market. Then, it offers optimal protection to fragile and heavy products. But as any type of PE foam, it is lightweight and soft. Of course, it will protect your goods against shocks and moisture. Plus, high density polyethylene foam packaging is a very effective electrical insulator. It is obviously less flexible than low density PE foam but it absorbs shocks much better.

The manufacturing of high density PE foam is more complex and strict than that of other types of PE foams. It requires indeed the work of official and experienced manufacturers. In general, industries have to buy it directly from a manufacturer and not from a reseller. Very often, high density polyethylene foam is available in the form of a block or plate. On the other hand, you can have the choice as far as the color is concerned. To have high end laminated polyethylene foam plank with high density, go to https://novostrat.com/stratlite/.

Applications of High Density PE Foam Packaging for Industries

As we have already seen above, high density polyethylene foam is the right choice to pack fragile and heavy finished products. In addition, it is mostly used as reinforcement and protection in industrial packaging thanks to its shock-proof properties. Some professionals place it against suitcases walls, crates, or small cases in order to accommodate and stall delicate or bulky items. By doing so, they are sure to protect their fragile goods against shocks, not only during transport, but also during storage in warehouses.

If your industry manufactures fragile and/or heavy products, using high density foam as a packaging solution will help you improve the customer experience. Most of the time, this category of PE foam is used to pack valuable paintings, fragile furniture, large electronic devices and different luxury products. The other advantage is that it can be manufactured and shaped as needed. So, regardless of the size and the weight of your goods, you can order tailor made high density polyethylene foam that will perfectly suit them.

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