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Why to Go For Interior Waterproofing to Treat Leaking Basement?

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Living in an old home means that basement needs a lot of care in order to avoid consequences. One of the fundamental problems is leaky walls and floors that can lead to myriads of problems. So, ever thought whether the repair leaking basement both from outside and inside? What are the factors that should be considered? Keep in mind that what is available on the internet is completely different from what owners would hear from the professionals. In other words, homeowners should believe in what they see and experience on their own.

When it comes to getting rid of leaking basement, interior and exterior waterproofing turn out to be an effective solution. Yes, exterior repairs are desirable and cost effective as compared to interior repairs, based on the following situations:

  • The time and money required to remove and replace interior furnishings and walls like built-in bookcases and wood panels is significantly low.
  • Excavation job is important to restore original shape and position of a bowed wall, installation or repairing of drainage system.

Apart from this, there are many homeowners who used to prefer interior waterproofing than working on exterior excavation, soil replacement of utility lines, landscaping, decks, drainage systems and wall repair. So, lets dig deeper and know how to make the most of the opportunity:

  • Lesser Time Consumption

As a matter of fact, it takes a lot of time to replace exterior drainage system, fences, landscaping and the rest of the elements out of the foundation walls. Even, utility lines, tiles and root systems are prone to costly damages that would take a lot of time than usual.

  • Cost Effective

Filling in interior cracks costs anywhere between hundreds of dollars whereas, when it comes to replacing soil and the rest, be ready to spend several thousands. Also, there are lesser risks on utilities, landscaping, fences and the likes.

  • There is No Limitation of Weather

Yes, frozen or wet ground doesn’t allow homeowners to carry out any exterior work. Even, the workers may take a lot more time than expected, thereby delaying the rest of the projects. So, what makes interior crack injection and other tasks preferable is the freedom to perform them at any time during the year.

  • Detection Of The Source

In case the problem is invisible on the inside walls, the best option is to inspect the entire interior wall so that things can get clear. This way, homeowners can find leaking rod holes and take required methods from the inside.

  • Life Span is Greater Than Concrete Patches

Yes, concrete patches can have gaps over a certain time period. They may influence the owners to pay high basement leak repair cost because the problem reaches to the foundation. So, to avoid this situation, polymers are the best option because they offer the required level of waterproofing and expand or contract with respect to temperature.

  • Less Risky

Working on the outer side of foundation may be risky when the workers make holes on the walls. The soil may cave in or something even worse could happen. So, it’s better to go for interior waterproofing instead of any other option.

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