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4 Tips for decorating church pews for weddings

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Church weddings are beautiful, aren’t they? While many people are now preferring outdoor weddings, they have not realized the beauty of church weddings yet. With so many things going around, the one thing that one needs to focus on is to decorate the church pews accordingly. If you decorate everything and leave that behind, chances are that the same can end up affecting the overall look and decoration of the wedding.

To help you with the process, we have sorted through some of the best decoration ideas for them that you can look into.

Focus on the colour first

The very first thing about the church pew that you need to focus on is the colour of the wood or material used. If it is an old church, chances are that the same will end up having a tear and rough edges. This is not something you want to have through the wedding. Your best bet to get rid of that problem is to repaint the entire set of the pews available. This might seem like a lot, but you can easily get someone to get it done at a minimal cost. If budget is a constraint, paint it yourself beforehand.

Match the theme

Every couple has a set theme for their wedding. If that is the case with you, the best way to match up with the theme is to ensure that your rows of pews have a similar accent to match the theme. It isn’t just the colour that matters, you can also focus on adding decorations to match the theme that you have going on.

Accessory decorations

With the decorations of the pews, you need to ensure that they don’t hinder the seating arrangements. You must have decorations that don’t get in the way. Be it flowers or even the other additions.

Keep it modern and chic

With the kind of weddings that happen now, the majority of them have a modern and chic touch to it. This is something that is reflected by the church pews as well. It is thus best that you do focus on adding in items of decoration as per the theme and even get rid of the unnecessary additions that won’t do any good.

If you are opting for a church wedding, these are some of the tips that can come in handy for your wedding that you weren’t aware of. It is always in the small details.

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