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6 Parts of Your House That Should Totally Have A Chandelier Installed

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Chandeliers might be too much, not enough or just right for your home. Where your décor with chandeliers falls into will be dependent on how well you use them.

The fear of over-employing these elegant pieces of lighting and magnificence makes many people double down on where they should have used them at all. If this is you, here is a piece on different rooms and areas of your house where you can place a chandelier, and they wouldn’t even feel out of order.

Dining Room

The dining room is a good place to start when considering chandeliers for your home. They make all your meals, especially dinner, seem like another visit to a fancy restaurant. The lighting is also well-contained, making the experience even more shiny.

You could consider chrome dining room chandeliers, large dining room chandeliers for a bigger dining space and long dining room chandeliers if the space between the table and ceiling allows for it.


Let people into the kind of class they should expect when they walk into your home by installing a chandelier in your entryway. You will do better with those long crystal chandeliers in this area.

When it comes to size, that will be dependent on how large the entryway space is.

Living Room

If you are going to show your dining room some love, what is stopping you from bedazzling your living room too? After all, that is where most of the time is spent in an average household anyways.

Depending on your style, you can choose to go with any of glass, crystal or antique chandeliers. Like we mentioned earlier, size is also important here so that you get a proper fit of the space you have at hand


True, everyone won’t see this one, but that’s what makes it special. After staring at all the other chandeliers all day, this is the time to sleep back and revel in the beauty of the one that lies in your bedroom.

The perfect bedroom chandelier will be one that leaves you feeling pampered as you fade away into a night of proper sleep. Who doesn’t want that?


If yours is a household where a lot of cooking is done, you probably spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen. If we got that right, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go all out and make that kitchen area pop too.

Other common light fixtures can get boring in no time, but something as fancy as a chandelier could make you look forward to cooking the next meal.


Want to know the difference between an ordinary porch and the best place to hang out on the block? You guessed right – a chandelier!

We would suggest what type of chandelier to install here, but you get all the creative freedom this time around.

Picking the Best Chandeliers for Your Home

The beauty of chandeliers can quickly be defeated if you choose poorly-made ones. In the same vein, you want to choose a highly durable unit that you don’t fear will break apart anytime.

Looking through the extrusive catalogue of ShowSun Lighting will give you just that.

In the case you have a special chandelier design in mind, you can get across to ShowSun with the details, and you get your custom order made for you.

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