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AFUE: An important part of the boiler

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In the U.S, most of the houses have their own boilers and furnaces. The furnaces will heat up the air of the house while boilers do the job of heating the household water. Either boilers do the job of heating the water or it will produce steams. The steam produced by the boilers is transferred with the help of pipes and tunnel while the hot water was transferred with the help of radiant floor systems.

Steam boilers seem to be less effective as compared to the hot water boilers however the reason behind it is that the steam Boiler install need to be in a hot environment to work with efficiency and in the house, they will not sufficiently heat to work with its full efficiency.

The measurements of the efficiency of a water boiler could be determined with the help of annual fuel utilization efficiency. With use help of AFUE, you can easily determine how efficient your boiler would be.

Importance of AFUE

AFUE is also considered as the ratio of total input given by your boiler in a year and divide it with the total fossil fuel taken by the boiler in the whole years. With this average, you can easily determine the efficiency of your boilers as a high efficient boiler take less fuel and give maximum output while the low efficient boiler takes high fuel and give less output.

However, the boiler can provide you up to 90 percent of efficiency because the remaining 10 percent will move out from the chimney and windows. In AFUE, heat losses done by the duct would not be included, as it will reduce down the energy up to 35 percent. When you put the duct at the attic of your garage or on the unconditioned space.

However, if you use the electric boiler then it will cost you less fossil consumption as compared to the normal chimney. In fact according to some AFUE reports it id found that the efficiency of an electric boiler is near about 95 percent to 100 percent.

This is quite a good ratio but the only drawback of applying them is that they will consume heavy electricity and if you are looking for an economic boiler then it would not be included in it. However, you are interested in an electric boiler install then you can choose it and it will work with its full efficiency.

Some of the points from which you can determine the efficiency graph of a boiler are the low boiler could have 56 percent to 70 percent of AFUE while the middle-efficiency boiler has 80 percent to 83 percent AFUE and if you look at the highly efficient boiler then it will go to 90 percent to 98.5 percent.


With the final words, we conclude that here we have discussed the efficiency of boilers. We hope that after reading this article you get all the information about the efficiency of the boiler and about their working.

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