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 Can you leave the robotic pool cleaners in the pool?

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With advance technology, computer intelligence, a wide range of features, and ease of use, robotic pool cleaners have made it all so easy to keep our pool clean and debris-free. Although these cleaners operate automatically yet, they require some user input to start with. 

Also, there are some maintenance tips that you need to follow to keep your cleaner in tip-top condition for future use. This approach brings us to an important question; can you leave the robotic pool cleaners in the pool? 

Keep in mind that any improper use of these cleaners may compromise them in some manner. Therefore, we shall try to find the answer in the context of the guidelines from the manufacturing company.

It’s understandable that you need to place the robotic pool cleaner in the pool to start cleaning. However, the above question can be rephrased as can we leave the robotic pool cleaner in the pool overnight or after cleaning. Will doing so compromise the robotic cleaner in any way? Let’s find out what The Pool Support got for us.

What do the manufacturers say?

It is proven that robotic pool cleaners are obviously waterproof and are internal components are entirely encapsulated so that the water doesn’t fill in. Therefore, it is safe to leave your robotic pool cleaner in the pool, even when not in use. 

Manufacturing companies have also confirmed robotic cleaners can stay underwater for long hours without taking any damage. However, there are still some factors that need to be taken into account before leaving your robotic cleaner in the pool when not in use. 


  • Wait for the chemicals to settle


Firstly, do not leave the robotic cleaner in the water when any chemicals are being added. It is unsafe to use your cleaner when the PH and chlorine levels in the water are still imbalanced. During this time, water in the pool can become abrasive to some extent until the chemical levels are neutralized. This corrosive water can damage the outer surface of the robotic pool cleaner that’s still in the pool. Thus, avoid doing so when adding chlorine or any other chemical. Wait for the water to neutralize first. 


  • Cleaner requires timely maintenance


Secondly, robotic pool cleaners require timely maintenance and cleaning. Over time, the filters catch a lot of dirt and impurities, especially when the cleaner has been in constant use for a long time. Therefore, you’ll be required to take the robotic pool cleaner out and get rid of dirt jammed in the vents and filter. Consequently, it is not always a good idea to leave the cleaner in the pool for extended periods.


Lastly, you need to understand that although leaving the robotic pool cleaner in the pool won’t damage the cleaner, but in the long run, it will affect its plastic and waterproofing. The tracks may wear out a bit quickly. Just know this that it’s recommended not to leave the cleaner in the water for extended periods but even if you do so, it doesn’t mean your cleaner will be damaged in any way


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