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Different Types of Marked Cards Used In Poker

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There was a time when marked cards were used only by magicians to show card tricks. But with time these magical tools have a found a place in the poker table as well. People who have used marked cards; they already know how beneficial it can be in a poker game. It is used by poker players to enhance their chances of winning.

If you play poker regularly chances are that you have already seen such cards. The only thing is that you couldn’t realise it. In this article, we will talk about the different types of marked cards used in poker. You can check them out here on this page: https://www.markedcardspoker.com/

What Are The Different Types Of Marked Cards?

Marked cards are just poker cards that are marked with invisible ink on the back or on the sides. You cannot identify these cards with your naked eyes as the ink used is invisible. It can be detected only with the help of a poker cheating device.

Speaking of marked cards, there are three types available. This includes infrared marked cards, marked cards contact lenses and barcode marked cards. You need different poker cheating devices to identify these cards.

  1. Infrared Marked Cards

Infrared marked cards are special cheating cards. You cannot see these cards even with an invisible sunglass or a poker scanner.

The ink used in these types of marked cards is different from the other two. It can be seen only under black light. For this, you need to use a special infrared camera. If you are planning to use these types of marked cards make sure that you first learn to use them properly. You can check out infrared marked cards here: https://www.markedcardspoker.com/infrared-contact-lenses.shtml

  1. Barcode Marked Cards

Barcode marked cards are the next type of cheating cards used in poker. These cards are marked at the edges. All the four edges of the card are marked. You can identify these cards easily using a poker scanner.

  1. Marked Cards Contact Lenses

These cards are marked with invisible ink which cannot be detected by our naked eyes. You need to use an invisible ink sunglass to identify these cards. These type of cards are more common and easy to use.

Now that you know about these marked cards, you can use them in your poker game. This will help you to win your game without much effort.


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