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How to Get Your Glow Back After Pregnancy

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Nothing brings joy to a woman than expecting a baby. During pregnancy, women are usually excited and have a lot of expectations. However, in the midst of shopping for baby stuff and attending pregnancy classes, it can be hard for a woman to concentrate on skin and hair care.

Also, after giving birth, it can get trickier because a new baby keeps you on toes.  Fortunately, this guide gives you practical tips that help you get your glow back after pregnancy. Here are some tips that will work effectively.

Cleanse Your Face Twice Daily

High progesterone levels in the body post-pregnancy lead to acne, melasma, red patches, and breakouts. Not all women experience this, but if you are one of them, it is advisable to cleanse your face twice daily. Your face produces more oils post pregnancy due to increased sebum production. The oils clog your pores, and in turn, lead to skin problems.

As such, you need to use an oil-free cleanser. Use a cleanser that is specific for sensitive skin containing ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Such ingredients penetrate pores to remove impurities.

Using Eye Cream

Getting puffy eyes is also a problem faced during post-pregnancy by women. This is mostly caused by sleepless nights. The eye area takes a ton of the tiring effects because muscles are smooth. Use an eye cream to get your tight eyes back.

Get an eye cream that contains peptides to relieve the swelling and help with the discoloration. Sleeping is a luxury when you have a newborn, but every time you get time, get enough rest to help your eyes relax.

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are unavoidable when you are pregnant. Therefore, it is essential to start working on them after giving birth. Stretch marks are experienced on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs.

It is totally human to get stretch marks, but if you want to remove them, get the best stretch marks creams. These creams contain natural oils and emollients which have proven to remove stretch marks.

Stay Hydrated

Your body’s hormones are usually at high levels after pregnancy. For this reason, it is crucial to drink plenty of water to stabilize them. Water helps your liver monitor the production of hormones, and also plays a key role in detoxification.

Staying hydrated will also rejuvenate the health of your skin. Dehydration makes your skin look flaky, and the body will react to this by producing more oils. The oils will, in turn, clog pores leading to pimples. Therefore, drinking plenty of water plays an integral part in helping you get your glow back after pregnancy.

Eat Healthily

Just because you are not pregnant does not mean you need to jump into junk foods. If you want to get the glow back, your plate should be full of leafy vegetables and fruits. Drink healthy smoothies as they will also help in detoxification.  You can enjoy cheat days but ensure you are not adding too many extra calories.


Working out is important in helping you get your body back. During pregnancy, you probably did not do a lot of exercising other than swimming. Therefore, this is the time to get back to the gym for an intense workout.  Exercising also helps you get rid of toxins through sweating. Detoxifying aids your skin to become clear.

Wear a Waist Trainer

Other than going to the gym, it is important to wear your waist trainer when you are running your daily errands. The waist trainer will help slim your stomach. Also, it helps tighten the muscles on the abdomen, bringing your bikini body back.

Use Hair Masks

Hair breakage is a problem faced by many women after pregnancy due to imbalanced levels of hormones. Therefore, do not be falsely alarmed when you get a lot of hair on your brush after combing. It is normal, but it can be avoided by using hair masks. Various hair masks are available on the market, and you can even DIY using eggs and avocados.

Apply the mask after shampoo and let it sit for thirty minutes. Wrap your hair with a plastic bag as you carry on with other house activities. Wash it off and apply your favorite hair oil. Also, eat foods that contain antioxidants as they strengthen hair roots.

Moreover, ensure you take vitamin supplements to maintain fuller hair. A bonus tip to this is washing your hair twice or thrice a week using an anti-hair loss shampoo. Use your favorite conditioner after shampooing to ensure your hair does not lose water and essential oils.

Face Masks

If you are experiencing skin issues, do not skip the masking step during your skincare routine. Charcoal peel-off masks play a significant part in ensuring you get clear skin. The mask penetrates the pores removing any impurities and also helps balance oil production. Use this mask twice a week during your nighttime regimen.

Have an Effective Skincare Routine

Other than using a cleanser, eye cream, and a face mask which have already been mentioned, it is important to have an effective full skincare regimen. This includes exfoliators, serums, essences, lip scrubbers, and moisturizers.

Have a day and nighttime regimen that works for you. Also, do not forget to apply sunscreen before applying a moisturizer. If you are too busy for these steps, get an SPF moisturizer, it also helps protect you from sun damage.

Work on Your Mental Health

Post-pregnancy can lead to depression and mental issues. It is hard to focus on your skin hair care if you are stressed. Therefore, it is vital to work on your mental health through yoga, meditation, praying, and listening to music. These activities will help you calm down, giving you the energy to take care of yourself.

Pregnancy is amazing, but its after-effects are inevitable. Some women are blessed to get a perfect glow after pregnancy. However, experiencing acne and hair loss is not extraordinary. This guide provides you with tips that will help you get your glow back after pregnancy in no time.

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