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How to Go to Makassar

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Fronting the town of Makassar is a set of Islands basking in sunlight, counting a total of 55, a few big, while some are only sand bars that vanish at high tide. This cluster of islands is also called the Spermonde Archipelago, but locals know them by their distinctive names. The islands nearest to Makassar, such as LaeLae and Kayangan, could be achieved in fifteen minutes by speedboat and therefore are popular weekend escape resorts, others have fishing villages, whereas the furthest off like Kapuposang island, immediately face to the sea and so are best for snorkeling and diving.

Best time to see the islands in Makassar is through the east monsoon that is between May through September. Additionally, this is a perfect time to go sailing around the islands. Kayangan Island is approximately 2 kilometers out of the town facing the refuge and is filled with simple restaurants and contains rooms for rent while Lae is situated some 1.5 km. From the city and are the closest to the town. The island has been expanded with a long breakwater during its north side to shield the refuge of Makassar out of waves. Lae now is thickly populated, its individuals live from fishery and tourism, leasing boats out to take tourists back into Makassar or other islands.

The visit to Lae takes only 10 to15 minutes. Out of Makassar lies further away and maybe so quieter. During colonial times the island has been accessible only to the elite. Indonesians were not permitted to go to the island. Samalona includes a gorgeous white shore, surrounded by healthy coral reefs, in which the reef on its northern side is most suitable for snorkeling. Quite a few cottages are available for rent, but meals are simple, although pricy about the KodengarengKeke Island, some 12 kilometers. In town, the Dolphin Resort has been constructed. This one can go snorkeling and diving, the water is quite clear, and there is a variety of marine life to be appreciated.

Dolphin Resort offers four two space bungalows, and food at additional cost. Additionally, they have dive equipment for lease. However, for diving arrangements, it is ideal for arranging this with one of the many dive operators in Makassar. Further away at some 70 km. This is, in fact, a gorgeous green island covered with casuarina trees and coconut palms. Kapuposang is at the border of the continental shelf that divides Australia from Asia. This is sometimes shark heaven, in which a blue and white tip reef shark will most likely be interested, but particularly benign, but the hammers are prepared to attack. This can be thick water, from 300 meters near the island, the reef pops around 800 meters.

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