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How to Write a CV for Abroad?

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Currently looking for an internship or a job in a foreign country? You will certainly have to create a CV accordingly. You should know that it is important to make a resume that meets local standards. Indeed, do not make the mistake of simply translating your current Curriculum Vitae, each country has its characteristics. If you are targeting a particular country, take note of these following criteria.

Write your CV in the Same Language as the Job Offer

Initially, the majority of international companies publish ads in English. So, you can plan ahead and write your CV directly in English. Then, also make another version in the mother tongue of the targeted country. Feel free to join the link for your LinkedIn account. For your convenience, download a CV template that matches the country’s requirements and standards in terms of application and recruitment.

Mention your Language Skills in your CV

It is advised to use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​or CEFR because it can describe your skills in a given language. In addition, if you have passed official language tests, do not forget to specify them one by one, as well as the score you obtained. Regardless of the nature of the job sought, language skills remain critical while applying to a position at a foreign company.

Highlight your International Experiences in your CV

If you are applying for a job overseas, feel free to mention your international experiences in your Curriculum Vitae. Even if you had worked for a short period of time or if you were a volunteer, indicate it in the “Professional Experiences” section of your resume. Always showcase this type of experience to pull all chances on your side. Similarly, if you went to study abroad, put it in bold in the “Training” section. Also indicate each language you speak and your level of proficiency.

Do You Have to Attach a Photo or Not to your CV?

As a matter of fact, when you apply abroad, the question of whether to provide or not a photo in the CV often arises. Some countries do not require the photo or the date of birth on the resume. That is the case of the USA, the UK and Australia, inter alia. But in most European countries like France, Italy and Germany, job applicants are used to include their pictures even if it is not mandatory. In China and Japan, employers always expect to see a photo attached to each CV.

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