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Multiple types of masks

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Masks are a type of covering that is applied to the face to protect them from harmful rays, germs, and hazardous things like bacteria, viruses, and airborne diseases. Masks that are used vary because of the material they are made up of or based on which they are required. There are varieties of masks present in the world that are used in the fields.

Medical masks

The surgical mask that is made for medical purposes is generally checked multiple times so that they cannot harm the patient or the doctor who is treating from the infection, which is present in either body.

The 3 ply mask that are certified by the government to be used in the medical centers are generally disposed of off after they are used. They are mainly made up of the nonwoven material and are multilayer so that the germs or bacteria do not enter the mouth or nose of the person and affect the body.

They contain filter material in their masks that help the wearer to fight against germs and these filters are made up of microfibers and contain an electrostatic charge in it, which makes the fibers of the mask as electrets.

The special feature that these electrets filters have in them is that they stop the germs that are smaller in size from entering the moth and passing the mask because the simple masks cannot stop the smaller germs and they directly enter the body. However, there is a decrement in the quality of these filtering materials as they are washed or being used for a longer period.

Face Shields

They are not very popular among the people as they are not much known about such face protection methods and it is also predicted that they are unable to protect against the transmission of diseases. They are very beneficial when dealing with splashes and splatter are considered but when dealing with small droplets of water or anything comes it fails.

In the case of bigger droplets, it protects the person from harmful diseases and they are applied on the face so that they can fight against the coughs. They are used to protect the mouth and nose both together with a plastic sheet put in front of the face but this sheet fails when there are aerosols spitted. These shields can be beneficial when used with the masks but are of no use when it comes to dealing with diseases when used alone.

Cloth masks

They are the basic masks and were launched in the market years ago and were used for longer periods. They are made up of textiles and mainly cotton and works to protect the mouth and nose against the diseases and the bigger particles entering the body. They fail when dealing with smaller particles, gases, or vapors. They are weaker in their structure but very beneficial in the case of surgeries and help the people. If you are going out of your home for some important purpose, you are recommended to use a safety mask.

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