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What Is The Job Of A Structural Engineer

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The structural engineer is the one who intervenes in the conceptualization or the execution of construction projects. He must ensure the feasibility of the project as well as the choice of materials, for this, he must make several calculations: calculation of structure or sizing, the calculation for the necessary resources, calculation of costs, as well as the calculation on all the materials that are part of the project. His technical work is mainly done on software such as CAD (computer-aided design), around a team of experts.

Required Qualities:

  • Calculation expert
  • Relational
  • Rigour
  • Creativity

Skills Of The Structural Engineer:

It is necessary to be comfortable with mathematics but also in science since the structural engineer must master all the different properties of materials and be very rigorous on them. Interpersonal skills are required since they interact with several types of actors: on-site and in the company.

Possible Evolution For The Structural Engineer:

He has the possibility of becoming an R&D project manager and managing his team. He will be able to work on several projects at the same time; he will see the importance of the projects rise over time.

Salary Of A Beginner Structural Engineer:

A structural engineer graduating from a specialized structural engineering in Kent school can claim a gross salary of around $2,900 per month. With experience, his salary can evolve up to about $5000 per month.

Training And Studies Of The Structural Engineer:

It is necessary to have the training of at least bac + 5 to obtain the grade of an engineer. Great engineering schools remain the safest routes. The general engineering schools also have specialties in public works or building.

It is also possible to go through research or professional master in university. If you want to orient yourself towards the job of a structural engineer, then remember to check the specializations available in your university.

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