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Prepare yourself before going for a data science interview

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Smart people are those who prepare themselves before going through any test.  Sometimes you know that some analysis is coming so you can make for it, but sometimes there is no time to prepare for some tests. It is better to collect enough knowledge about your stream before the time comes. When you are aware enough about your flow, then you can face any interview or any test without the fear of failure. Data Science students have to face several difficult questions by the interviewer, which they feel makes them nervous, and they fail to answer them. If you are new in the data science field, then you do not have to worry about the questions which the interviewer will ask. Here are some sample questions which will really help you to deal with the questions asked by the interviewer.

 Some common problems are:

  • What is logistic regression? Sometimes they also get it as, put forward an example of recently used Logistic regression.
  • Explain about recommender systems?
  • Why is it said that there is a vital role in data cleaning in analysis?
  • What are univariate bivariate and multivariate analysis?


  • Differentiate these 3: univariate bivariate and multivariate analysis.
  • What all you know about machine learning?
  • Tell me more about supervised machine learning?
  • What do you know about unsupervised machine learning?
  • Share your knowledge about classification modeling.
  • Give examples of unsupervised machine learning or give examples of supervised machine learning.
  • What do you know about agglomerative clustering and why it is called hierarchical clustering.
  • Which domain allows you to employ clustering.

Certification courses tell you more

Certification courses in any field increase your knowledge about a particular data science stream and also make you learn more and new things. Not only data science online classes but also corporate training is also available online. One can go through to the data science excelr Solutions website. You can check various data science courses in Mumbai and also go through testimonials available on site for more clarity.

Online certification is an easy change with the help of which you can on your certificate from one of the best consultancy services, which are TCS. The faculty is available for guidance, and teaching are working as data scientists, and they are highly qualified. Not only the education but the students get assured placements. Don’t think much this is the right time to opt for data science course training online.

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