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Protect your furniture from cat scratches

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Saving up for a new sofa can take quite a bit of time. So, imagine how frustrating it would be to bring your perfect sofa home, only to have your cat start scratching it to pieces! It’s a worry that many cat owners have, but thankfully there are some ways to prevent it from happening. Read on if you want to stop your cat from scratching any of your furniture! 

Feed Them Top-Quality Food

Cats need to scratch to ensure that their claws don’t grow too long. However, some cats will also feel the urge to scratch if they are anxious or have a lot of pent-up energy. One way to ensure that your cat is never over energetic is to ensure that you are feeding it the best dog food in the UK. Cheap cat foods tend to be full of sugar, artificial flavourings and preservatives which can send cats hyper. If you switch them to natural food that is only made with healthy ingredients, then you should find that they become a lot calmer and less erratic.

Buy A Scratching Post

If you purchase a scratching post for your cat, then they will have their own dedicated piece of furniture that they can scratch until their heart’s content! You don’t want to discourage scratching altogether as it is a very natural behaviour for cats, so getting them their own post will ensure that they can keep on scratching. One tip is to sprinkle some catnip on the post. This will encourage them to use the post, as will placing the post in a room that you regularly use. 

Use Citrus Sprays

Cats really do not like citrus, so one good idea is to spray your furniture with a citrus spray. This should be enough to deter your cats from going near the furniture that you want to protect. It doesn’t matter what kind of spray you use, whether it’s a special anti-cat one or an air freshener, you should find that the spray works well as long as it has citrus in it. 

Use Calming Techniques

If you think that your cat is scratching your furniture because they are stressed, there are a number of calming techniques that you might want to try. For instance, many cats find pheromone sprays to be soothing. These can be sprayed onto furniture, and you can also buy automatic sprays that can be plugged into the wall. Some cats react well to essential oils as well. Honeysuckle and lavender are known to work well, so you might want to find some candles or incense that you can burn throughout your home. Not only will they help to calm your cat down, but they will also ensure that your house smells great too!

If you use all of the useful tips above, then you should hopefully be able to prevent your cat from scratching any of your furniture. And you won’t ever have to worry about bringing a brand new sofa home with you again!

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