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At the casino, our roulette tables are by far the most popular game, with most players having already tried it out. As an online casino room regulated by the Portuguese government, through the Game Inspection Regulation Service, it is also normal for our customers’ preferred roulette to be European roulette, which is what we find in the casino universe in Portugal and in all online game operators.

Therefore, the object of study and the name of the casino game that we will analyze in this article is that of European roulette. We know that, given the numerous offers offered by the casino.888.pt, it is sometimes not easy to differentiate between different variants, but that should not be why we should make the mistake of referring to online roulette as a single game, since we can make a very clear division between European roulette and American roulette. You can go for the brand new casino sites there.

About European Roulette

European roulette was born in 17th century France and that is why in many online casinos it is still called French roulette, instead of European roulette. In any case, these are synonymous for us. Therefore, in any of its two meanings, this roulette has encountered a single rival in the last few decades: we speak naturally of American roulette.

Casino Roulette Tricks

That is why, in this article, in addition to delving into the rules of European roulette and its impact on the casino or gaming rooms in Portugal and on the Internet, we will compare it with American roulette. After explaining all the characteristics of both roulettes, we will give you some practical tips or tricks on how to play European roulette. There are new casino sites for the same.

European roulette: a little history

Although the origin seems to date back to France, the truth is that roulette wheels also began to appear in Italy as well. As two countries share a border, it is normal that this has happened. Either way, European roulette quickly became the most emblematic entertainment in casinos and gambling rooms that were opened in Europe since the 18th century.

How to play European roulette ?: European roulette rules

Both in casinos in other European countries and in casinos in Portugal, European roulette is characterized by having two distinct parts: the cylinder or the wheel of 37 numbers – from zero to 36 – and the mat on which you bet on a kind of graphic representation of the numbers that exist on the roulette wheel.

The existence of zero in European roulette is fundamental to understand the popularity of the game, as it is the number that gives the house an advantage, as it cannot be bet on most bets that are not simple (so-called group bets)

American Roulette

American roulette is a variation of European roulette and has that name because it was born in the United States, where casino owners decided to modify the traditional game, including a new number, the double zero (00). Thus, the numbers that appear are 38, from 1 to 36, as in European roulette, the double 0 and 00.

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