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The Options to Listen to Alternative Music

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Alternative music (also alternative rock, alt-rock or alternative) also called indie, which is actually a subgenre, is a collective name that emerged in the 1980s for art-oriented pop music and more particularly rock music, in which the artistic pretensions are greater than the commercial. These were initially artists who became popular in the circuit of small halls and usually released their records on small, independent record labels. The alternative rock was a follow-up to punk rock, sometimes combined with folk, reggae and electronic music.


You can see the alternative music quite broadly. In addition to the often-mentioned alternative rock, you can also consider styles such as folk, new age, wave, dark wave, gothic, industrial and the many crossovers in between as alternative music. This music often does not meet the average “mainstream” standards, for example due to the more or less extreme content (this can also be textual) and the sometimes unsuitable length of the songs. Hard music is also categorized as an alternative, but usually there is a separate category for this. Sometimes the boundary of alternative yes or no is somewhat blurred. Bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam were initially seen as alternative rock / grunge bands, but due to the enormous success these bands also seem to have been embraced by the mainstream audience.

The Music Genre that Welcomed Alternative music


  • The electro was born in the early 80s with the arrival of the MIDI system that allowed several instruments to communicate with each other through a computer. 
  • Electro is a revolution in the world of music, after the apogee of rock, disco e 
  • The electro covers different movements like Techno, Ambient, House, etc. : it is characterized by a sound that takes advantage of the drum machines, synthesizers, computers and sound samples. Here, violins, firemen’s sirens, an Indian sitar, and a transformed opera diva make up here. 
  • The electro is immediately recognizable because it reminds of a heartbeat that gives a furious desire to dance.

Break beat

  • This movement is recognized by its syncopated binary rhythm and the strong use of so-called broken rhythms. Break beat is opposed to all the other sub-genres of electro that have a more regular rhythm. 
  • In Break beat, we denature the sound , we use samples that we integrate with other rhythms. 
  • It is a genre that is freely inspired by funk. 

In the Break beat, we recognize the following movements: hip hop, trip hop and Drum & Bass for example. It is a style that is recognizable by the use of bass on rhythms quite lively and catchy. 

Pop, Easy listening

Pop music is a musical genre that has become widespread in our society, and it is a genre similar to rock that seeks to target teenagers who are searching for identity. With pop, they find themselves in the same clubs, have the same language, the same dress codes. It is estimated that pop is the equivalent of the variety in France. Easy listening is close to pop music because it is so close to people, a music that we listen to everywhere and that everyone (young, old, working, grandparents, etc.) can listen together without disturbances.


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