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Truck Crash Investigations – How are They Completed?

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Truck accidents are often fatal and can result  in multiple fatalities in an accident. 

Trucks are usually big and heavy, usually weighing about 80,000pounds when fully loaded. Imagine this kind of vehicle being involved in an accident with a regular vehicle, which doesn’t weigh a tenth of the truck’s weight.

When a truck accident takes places, a full and comprehensive crash investigation has to be initiated to be able to understand what caused the crash, and ascertain the one who is to blame. This will also allowed lessons to be learnt, so that those involved in the crash never repeat the incident again. 

Across the various states of the US, there are unique measures put in place to apportion compensation and blame in the case of these types of accidents. Texas uses what is known as a proportional comparative fault system—a unique system that helps every individual involved in a crash determine their share of responsibility in the incident. The system is defined such that as long as you’re not more than 51% to blame for the crash, you will still be able to get compensation. 

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How the Investigation Process is Done

When a crash happens, at the point of initiating the crash investigation, everyone involved in the crahsh will be given emergency medical treatment. Patients that can be treated on the spot and those that have to be transported to the hospital will all be attended to. 

Immediately after the emergency medical service is provided, the law enforcement agents (police) will mark the crash site off-limits, until a thorough survey of the scene has been done and pictures have been taken.

While doing that, the police will also extract statements from everyone involved in the crash, as well as eyewitness accounts in a bid to get the correct view of what happened. 

After taking the statements, the vehicles involved will be examined along with the damages inflicted to ensure that they all match up with the stories extracted from the different accounts.

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