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5 Reasons To Consider Before You Install A Security Alarm

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Protecting our home or our business with security alarms is a growing need. This is not to generate panic, but it seems obvious, with cases like this, that installing security alarms is essential.

Now, if we decide to install a security alarm system, both at home and in our business, what should we consider? Let’s summarize it in five points.


  • Be Clear About What You Want To Protect


The security levels of alarm systems vary from each other. And it is normal: it is not the same to protect a bakery than a jewelry store, for example. It is normal for the latter to be subjected to robbery attempts more often since the loot to be stolen is much more succulent. Therefore, the first thing we need is to thoroughly analyze what degree of security we need. A technician in the sector will tell you to what degree your business or home belongs to act accordingly. Get more info here


  • Direct Connection With The Police


It seems obvious, but then you find everything. Before hiring, make sure that the company that provides you with your security alarms is registered in the security company registry of the General Directorate of Police. It is important because they have to comply with a severe security protocol and it may be the case that they do not comply (especially if they are local companies).


  • Choose The Right System


There are, in essence, two types of alarm systems: wired or radiofrequency. Although from a certain degree of security experts say that a wired system is better, the radiofrequency system is revealed as ideal for the home or for a business that does not have extreme security needs. Of course, the communication system must be encrypted so that it offers the highest possible security to the user. If so, we can be calm; that, without counting that installation without wiring is much faster, simple to place and discreet.


  • Require Approval Certificates


Unfortunately, in recent times there are some firms with offers so aggressive that they bring back some problems. For example, the installation of equipment already used by other customers. When installing a security alarm system for the first time, the installation technician must give you the corresponding ISO certificates and also the approval of that system. This certifies that the equipment is suitable for the degree of security that is intended to apply.


  • Maintenance System


After-sales service must be a top priority when choosing our system. Once the security alarms are installed, they require a very high level of maintenance. That is why we are paying a monthly fee. If such service is not optimal; If any element of the system is damaged and a technician does not immediately replace or fix it; If there are delays or deficits in the care we were assured, then we have not chosen our security system well. 

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