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What is the best padlock for a storage unit?

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Storage units provide a safe and secure place to store anything from furniture and cherished possessions to machinery and commercial goods. Whether you run a business and you need somewhere to store your stock or you’re an individual who requires more space than your home provides, using a storage unit could be the perfect solution to your needs.

For anyone who uses a storage facility, security is vital. In general, you’ll find that a storage unit offers more in-built security than almost any other option. Storing high-value goods in a shed or garage, for example, isn’t advisable because they’re relatively easy to get into. In contrast, a storage unit has its own security measures and on-site staff to ensure the facility doesn’t allow access to any unauthorised guests.

When it comes to securing your own dedicated unit, however, you’ll need to source your own padlock or locking device. With a great range on the market, there are thousands of options to choose from, so how do you know which padlock is best for your unit?

Ensuring secure storage

Firstly, you’ll need to take a look at the door or shutter on your storage unit and determine what type of lock will work best. Often, the storage facility company will provide you with information so that you can purchase a padlock which will fit the relevant unit attachments. If you click here for more information, for example, you can learn more about enhancing storage unit security.

You’re using a padlock to secure your goods, so it’s vital that it is robust and durable. Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure that it isn’t easy to pick and that it can’t be tampered with. Choosing a padlock made from solid steel or boron is often advisable because the strength of the metal means it’s more resistant to hacksaws and bolt cutters.

Standard padlocks come in a range of sizes, and they range from a few pounds to thousands. Depending on what you’re storing in your unit and it’s financial or sentimental value, you can determine which level of security is right for you.

Modern storage locks almost always feature pin tumblers and cylinders in their locking mechanisms, as these are extremely difficult to pick. However, it’s worth making sure that your padlock does have these features, and isn’t relying on an older locking mechanism, which could be easier to tamper with.

High tech storage unit security

An alternative to a standard padlock is a combination lock or a safe dial combination lock. Using a combination code, as opposed to a key, can be easier if more than one person will be using the unit, particularly if you’re worried about the key getting lost.

Alternatively, if you could opt for something more advanced, like a fingerprint padlock and safebox unlock, if you want to combine the latest technology with your storage unit security. With various options available, you can find the perfect lock to keep your storage unit safe and secure at all times.

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