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5 Sign To Understand That Someone Likes You

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Have you lately been busy trying to figure out whether that person really likes you or not? Romance in people’s life is not an easy job, to begin with. It takes a lot of toll on their understanding and emotions to set the desired path for the two people involved in it. So, how to tell if someone likes you or not? The paramount stress in the lives of people has made it mandate to try to understand these signs early so that they do not give up on the hopes of that romantic love in their lives.

  1. Increased eye contact:

The first of the signs someone likes you is to exchange frequent eye contact with each other. If you have been doing a lot of glance exchanges recently then it is evident to understand that the other person likes you and wants to keep a look at your activities with greater emphasis. Also, increased eye contacts are a way of signaling that the person is interested in you and wants to get your attention through body language. People with low self-esteem find it hard to be at ease when someone glances at them more often. Therefore, if you are the one then learn to deal with the increased interest of stares and glances from that person and behave quite normally without being bothered.

  1. Touching casually:

It may occur that the person you like is a good friend or acquaintance of yours. In that case, you may experience a lot of casual touches from them. When you will sit together or casually standing near each other in a mall or office, you may experience them to try to come closer to you and touching at comfortable places such as your hands, forehead, shoulder, etc.

  1. Imitating your habits:

One of the sure early signs of noticing that how do you know if someone likes you include –habit replica! You will notice that the other person has started adopting your way of talking or standing or maybe arranging the table etc. These signs describe that you have made a fair amount of impression on them and their subconscious has started trying to adapt to your comfort level. That is why you will notice a lot of imitation of reflection coming over from them.

  1. Laughing a little extra at your jokes:

All of a sudden you realize that one person amongst the crowd laughs a little harder at your jokes. So, what do you think, your speaking skills have improved or are that someone is trying to make you feel more important by giving you significant importance in their lives! If you have been trying to figure out recently that how to know if someone likes you then notice whether your jokes are striking them in the right place or not!

  1. Finding ways to stay closer:

If that person has been trying to find different ways to stay near you such as having lunch on the same table or maybe moving quite often in your lane etc, then it indicates that they like you. They are making efforts to increase their proximity with you for spending more time around you.

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