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Things you must do in retirement

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One of the most exciting things about retirement is deciding on all the things you’re going to do now you have the time to do them! Here are some top suggestions that you can plan for before retirement so there’s no risk of boredom setting in:

Stay Busy

Activities that you do in retirement can greatly contribute to health and well-being. Diet and exercise are important but so are hobbies and combining all of these things can even increase your life expectancy! As well as the normal daily tasks, it’s a good idea to set goals and aspirations, as well as things to do just for pure fun.

Exercise Daily

You don’t need to start signing up for marathons or boot camps! A bit of gentle exercise every day is all it takes to stay fit and active. Things like walking the dog, cleaning and gardening all count as exercise. Perhaps consider taking up swimming, joining a gym and attend some classes for older people. Try to avoid spending too much time sitting.

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Many people find great fulfilment from volunteering when they retire. It’s a chance to socialise, connect with others and even reduce your mortality rate if you volunteer for a couple of causes that really motivate you. There are countless opportunities with a huge number of different local charities, so find something that matches your skill set and get engaged!


If you have the budget, think about taking several short breaks throughout the year. Taken shorter breaks more often has been shown to be more beneficial mentally and physically than one long holiday just once a year. Now you have the time, plan to visit all those places you dreamt of when you were stuck at work.

Start a business

Perhaps you’ve always had a talent or passion for something that you could bring to fruition now you’re not working for someone else? Studies have found that over 50s make some of the very best entrepreneurs and are twice as likely to start a successful business as a 30-year-old.

Take it easy

While it’s wise to exercise and keep active, perhaps go on holiday or even keep working for yourself – there is also plenty of time to spoil yourself. Perhaps you have a pile of books you’ve been trying to read for years? Now is the time to buy that super comfy chair and indulge in whatever makes you happy! Treat yourself to an Eames Rocking Chair from a site like Pash Classics, supplier of imitation Eames Rocking Chair styles.

Use those discounts

As well as the wonderful freedom and time offered by retirement, there are also the amazing senior discounts to benefit from! There are discounts to be had on all kinds of things for the over 60s, such as shopping, travel, theatre, restaurants, attractions and even online learning courses. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons, be it educational or cultural.

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