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Moon lamps are basically light lamps that look exactly like the Moon. They are exact replicas of the moon. That is achieved with the help of 3D printing technology. Using a professional 3D printer, layer by layer the moon comes to shape. If you are thinking about how those lamps get to create a replica of the moon in the first place? The answer is NASA. Images that NASA has taken of the moon throughout ages provides a detailed guide to create those replicas.

Lunar Effects Company

Lunar effects is a family oriented Australian company. It is a company that specializes in making beautiful and artistic moon lamps. The vision of Lunar Effects company is to create a product that any customer will be pleased and proud of.

The company specializes in a boutique range of moon lamps, this makes Lunar Company the best choice when searching for such companies as they provide unmatched product quality. Lunar Effects company uses a state of art 3D printing technology, which is used to create an exact replica of the moon’s surface. The product created matches the exact images of the moon taken by NASA.

Lunar Effect’s moon lamps are made of the best eco-friendly materials on the market. Our products speak for themselves. Lunar Effects Company -as mentioned before- focuses only on producing moon lamps, which makes the company the best on the market to make this product. We don’t have hundreds of products to search, which can sometimes get confusing for the consumer. You’ll see our concise range and know exactly which lamp suits your needs. The beauty of moon lamps is, they suit each and every one of us. Regardless of age, gender or origin, our moon lamps can cater to all of our homes, offices or even outdoor areas. From children to adults, the lamps serve a purpose for us all. We want your experience to be positive from the very first time you visit our site. We try and make it quick and easy for you to make your decision while offering you great prices and the quality of the product. Our aim is for you to love your lamp that much, you’ll boast to friends and family and show them what they’re missing out on.

Moreover, Lunar Effects Company provides its customers with the best customer care there is. Customers of Lunar Effects feel like part of the family. From the moment a potential customer goes to the website, to dealing with the company is person; satisfaction is guaranteed.

Moon Lamps Australia

Moon Lamps from Lunar Effects are high-quality moon lamps that can be enjoyed time after time. There are four different sizes available to choose from; 8cm, 12cm 15cm and 20cm, each one of them has three different color settings to choose from; cool white, warm white and warm yellow. Lunar Effects also offers moons that are based on the Galilean moons, which are the moons of Jupiter, Europa, IO (renamed LO by Lunar Effects Company), Calisto and Ganymede. 

Moon Lamps from Lunar Effects are the perfect gift you can gift anyone or even yourself. The spectacular glow of our moon lamps offers a sense of amazement and allows us to truly appreciate life’s natural wonders, while always staying curious as to the universe’s existence. Moon Lamps from Lunar Effects offers the perfect way to appreciate the fifth-largest natural satellite around the Earth, which is the moon.

Moon Lamp as a Gift

Moon Lamps from Lunar Effects is the perfect gift you can gift someone or even yourself. The moon lamps from Lunar Effects offer something a little bit different from traditional lamps. Each moon lamp from Lunar Effects comes with a laser engraved wooden stand with the name of the company “Lunar Effects” on one side and the name of the Galilean moon the lamp represents on the other side. 

No matter what time of the year it is, moon lamp from Lunar Effects if perfect to be gifted. Let your loved ones know that they matter and send them the moon as a gift. Owning a piece of the real moon might be difficult, if not impossible, but our replica moon lamps come as close as possible with our 3D printing technology using real images from NASA.

Specifications of the Moon Lamp

The moon lamp from Lunar Effects is made from eco-friendly Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material. It has a charge time of approximately three hours. One charge makes the moon lamp last for approximately four to six hours. 

The moon lamp from Lunar Effects comes in four different color schemes; Cool White + Warm White + Warm Yellow. The moon lamp from Lunar Effects comes with a touch sensor at the bottom of the lamp, which is responsible for turning the lamp on and off. It is charged via the USB port located at bottom of the lamp (DC5V/1A). And it has a 300mAh/3.7V battery.

When purchasing the moon lamp from Lunar Effects you get; 1 x Moon Lamp, 1 x Laser Engraved Wooden Stand, 1 x USB Cable. Please note that the plug adapter is not included in the box.

Choosing the perfect lamp for you

When you shop at Lunar Effects’ website; you get to choose from a variety of different moon lamps and offers. 

There are four different sizes and types of moon lamps available:

  • EUROPA – 8CM
  • LO – 12CM

Moreover, you can choose to buy bundles together, which is also available on the website. The bundles available are:

  • CALLISTO – 15CM & LO – 12CM
  • GANYMEDE – 20CM & LO – 12CM

If you go to the website now you can enjoy the discounts on our products, which are up to 67%


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